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We create stories that cut through the noise and build ironclad crisis readiness so businesses can be known and trusted by their people, customers and community — through anything.

Organizations we’ve helped

“Shannon Berg and John MacDonald’s media training has been extremely valuable in getting Zillow executives prepared to engage with reporters. Their best practice, hands-on approach to media training helps shape messaging around key topics, and elevates the skills of even the most practiced spokesperson.”

Jordyn Lee
Communications Manager, Zillow

“We asked Shannon to work with us to develop a customer service training designed to ensure every interaction meets our high standards for safety, excellence and customer satisfaction. Shannon delivered. She worked with us to create a custom workshop that’s engaging and easy to follow. We’re now using it with our entire team and with every new employee who joins us.”

Michael Griffiths
CEO, Life Flight Network

“Shannon expertly guides her clients through the toughest situations. She brings clarity to chaos. She helps leaders make smart decisions that help organization’s rise above even the worst-case scenario. If your company has any chance of reputational risk, Shannon’s crisis planning is a worthy investment.”

Brian S. Terrett

“Shannon Berg is a skilled advocate and a proven friend to Oregon’s agriculture and natural resources communities. If you’re in a fight for your reputation, business or industry, you want Shannon Berg in your corner.”

Barry Bushue
President, Oregon Farm Bureau

“As a leader at a Fortune 100 company, it’s part of our culture to continuously improve. I left my workshop feeling like I had to the skills, confidence, and a roadmap to deliver a memorable presentation in any environment. And even more than that, I’m better prepared to lead meetings and build consensus on a daily basis. Shannon’s presentation training is essential skill building for leaders at every level.”

Christian Lee
Exelon Corporation

“Shannon’s leadership and strategic thinking in the Owyhee No Monument campaign was critical to our success. Simply put, Shannon is experienced, tough, smart, focused and committed to her clients. She is organized and laser-focused on both strategy and details.”

Andy Bentz
Owyhee Basin Stewardship Coalition