Uplevel Your Crisis Preparedness

Innovative. Risk-informed. Practical.

Communication Command Center is digital app that places every tool you need to respond to a crisis, at your fingertips.

Risk-informed Plans

Communications Command Center is powered by risk-informed crisis communications plans made specifically for you.

Data Security
Social + Political Issues
Service Interruptions
Employee Misconduct
Workplace Violence + Accidents

Why it Works

We help identify the risk scenarios you want to prepare for. We build step-by-step checklists for each. Every tool needed for an effective communication response is ready and intuitively linked to your custom checklists.

Based on Berg & Associates’ more than two decades of real-world experience helping companies respond to crisis, Communications Command Center is actionable, practical, and dynamic.

Respond effectively. Recovery quickly. And protect your reputation through anything.

Custom digital toolkit for each scenario
  • Step-by-step checklists
  • Pre-written response templates
  • Team assignments and management
  • Approval and escalation protocols
  • Status reports and media coverage updates
  • Contact lists for agencies and media

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Our number one priority is the security of your company’s data. Communications Command Center applies the industry’s most rigorous safeguards including:

Encryption in-transit (SSL)
Secure file storage containers (AES-256)
Secure password storage
Rate limiting