Meet Sharon Maxwell

Meet Sharon Maxwell

“Being a Black woman CEO in a white-male-dominated field is challenging, to say the least. When I started my business Bratton Construction in the early 1990s, I would walk into bid meetings, and everyone would stare at me like I should not be there. Still, I never let that deter me from pursuing my passion and vision of having my own construction company.” – Sharon Maxwell, CEO, Bratton Construction, LLC

Since she founded her company almost 30 years ago, Sharon has dedicated her professional and personal life to helping young women find opportunities in the construction industry and helping communities of color thrive and grow. Sharon is a mentor, visionary, and entrepreneur. She has employed over 200 people and led more than 85 major projects in every municipality in the state. Bratton Construction is currently in the process of bidding on the high-profile Williams & Russell Project, a collaborative effort between multiple community groups that looks to bolster the lower Albina community. She is not only an accomplished business leader; Sharon is an influential community advocate focused on rebuilding her community and creating change in the male-dominated construction industry.

“I talk to young women and let them know the opportunities are there, but you have to be emotionally and physically ready to commit because there will be challenges in the industry.”

Her advice to women looking to break into the construction and building trades?

  • Take care of your body. A woman’s body is different from a man’s, so you must stay healthy and strong, to protect your body from injuries and perform alongside the men.
  • Get exposure. Do job shadows, ask for informational interviews, and apply for internships so you can see all the opportunities.
  • Plan your future. Sharon developed a coaching program and a workbook to help people create a life plan to accomplish their dreams. Click on the link below to learn more!  

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